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  • Goltihn says:
    Album de ballades,un des musts absolus de la période Capitol,Sinatra venait de divorcer d'avec Ava Gardner,Nelson Riddle(chef d'orchestre et arrangeur) venait de perdre sa mère et sa mélancolique à souhait mais jamais miè y trouve entre autres,Willow weep for me que chantait également Billie Holiday et le classique /5().
  • Dabar says:
    Second album from the group that would become one of the biggest acts in pop music. Hangin' Tough features many of the groups signature like the title track., The Right Stuff and Please Don't Go Girl. A classic album in the time line of teen pop/5().
  • Vudolkree says:
    Nov 29,  · I just acquired a Tascam portastudio MKII 4 track recorder. In the manual it says I should be using 45 or 60 minute type II cassettes. Does anyone know anything about recording on cassette tapes and what the best tapes I could get would be. I saw some 30 minute type II TDK cassette tapes on ebay labelled as professional studio master tapes.
  • Turg says:
    Every cassette has two programs. Program A is Side A and Program B is Side B. Providing “program-ready” audio files means that if each side contains more than one track/song, the tracks are combined as one audio file for each side – tracks in the correct order with the desired gaps between.
  • Akir says:
    Dec 19,  · A recent sales blurb from UMe's "The Sound of Vinyl" website reads: "Using the original analog master tapes this artisan process results in cuts that have superior high frequency response (treble) and very solid and stable stereo images. In short, a very high quality master that helps to create a very high quality record." Furthermore it states that "Six iconic album releases have been.
  • Samutaur says:
    Oct 04,  · The byinch compact cassette that overtook vinyl albums and passed by eight-track tapes in the s and '80s is experiencing a bit of a comeback, which some say is being fueled by the growth of indie music popularity.
  • Kigarisar says:
    The sound on a digital album is a series of snapshots, and the music is often compressed afterwards to reduce the file size. The grooves of a record are continuous and lossless. As long as you have a good turntable, you can hear the recording exactly as it was played. This isnt necessarily true of modern album releases, though.
  • Faeran says:
    Note though that cassette tape degrades over time and even sealed cassettes that are 20+ years old will have flutter and other issues. It's not as bad as 8-track tapes; on 8-tracks there is some Styrofoam that has disintegrated in almost all 8-tracks ever made making them unusable .
  • Shakree says:
    The cassettes are in a large pile of cassette albums that take up lots of space that I'd rather use for something else. The other% were the few people (like me) used cassette tapes with computers to store programs and data. We're not going to cover that use case in this blog post. The problem with that is the audio is unusable because.

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