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  • Mezigrel says:
    Be supposed to definition is - to be expected to do something. How to use be supposed to in a sentence.
  • Arajar says:
    When to Use Supposed To. To be supposed to is a common phrase that functions the same way a modal verb does. Modal verbs, also called auxiliary or helping verbs, add meaning to the main verb in a sentence by expressing possibility, ability, permission, or obligation. Supposed to, like have to, can fall into the “obligation” category.
  • Kazrabar says:
    1 (not) be expected or required to do something by rules, the law, an agreement, etc: She’s supposed to do an hour’s homework every evening. ♢ We’re not supposed to be at the party for an hour yet.
  • Meztikinos says:
    Synonyms for supposed to be include said to be, claimed to be, professed to be, purported to be, meant to be, ought to be and should be. Find more similar words at!
  • Samunris says:
    "(be) supposed to" can only be used with the present and past tense forms of the verb "be." The verb "be" indicates the tense.
  • Torg says:
    Be supposed to is used to talk about obligations and arrangements: (Definition of supposed from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press).
  • Sahn says:
    supposed to 1. Intended, expected, or believed to do something. This new software is supposed to make things a lot more efficient, but I find it so confusing that everything is taking me twice as long! We're supposed to arrive around 3 PM, assuming our flights aren't delayed. 2. Required or obligated to do something. I was supposed to be home an hour.
  • Tauzilkree says:
    As we discussed above, suppose has a variety of meanings, assume something to be the case, used to make a reluctant admission, etc. Those same meanings can be used in either the present tense (I/you suppose, he/she supposes) or the past tense (I/you/he supposed). She supposed her partners were right, but now what?
  • Tekazahn says:
    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test # Suppose / Supposed to > Other English exercises on the same topic: Frequent mistakes [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: Placement test beginners: Check your spelling - Past simple or present perfect - Although / in spite of / despite - Again/ back - FOR and its use.

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