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  • Gat says:
    Sever definition is - to put or keep apart: divide; especially: to remove (something, such as a part) by or as if by cutting. How to use sever in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of sever.
  • Akigul says:
    verb (used with object) to separate (a part) from the whole, as by cutting or the like. to divide into parts, especially forcibly; cleave. to break off or dissolve (ties, relations, etc.).
  • Mazukinos says:
    1. cut, separate, split, part, divide, rend, detach, disconnect, cleave, bisect, disunite, cut in two, sunder, disjoin Oil was still gushing from the severed .
  • Nikonris says:
    Jan 01,  · Directed by Matthew Ryan Anderson. With Batya Cruz, Maia Kavchak, Garret Caillouet, London Grace. A violent patient escapes an asylum to exact her revenge on a unsuspecting young couple/10(8).
  • Kazigor says:
    Severe definition is - strict in judgment, discipline, or government. How to use severe in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of severe.
  • Ferg says:
    Sever’s disease is more common in boys. They tend to have later growth spurts and typically get the condition between the ages of 10 and In girls, it usually happens between 8 and
  • Vomi says:
    Sever’s disease (also known as calcaneal apophysitis) is one of the most common causes of heel pain in growing children and adolescents. It is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. Sever's Disease (Heel Pain) - OrthoInfo - AAOS from the American Academy of .
  • Kigacage says:
    SEVR Broadheads were born to cut a huge fatal swath through big game and the broadhead market as you know it. Straight Through It means we’ve cut the middleman out of the equation and only sell direct to you on this Web Site. It means our heads cut bigger, cut deeper, and fly straighter than anything out there.

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