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  • Zulkijora says:
    Brown eyes are more common worldwide than any other eye color. But the prevalence of brown eyes varies significantly with geography. Most people living in Africa and Asia have dark brown eyes. Dark brown eye color also is very common in the Middle East.
  • Ditaur says:
    Jun 02,  · It's pretty well-known that brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world. But it's not just common — it's overwhelmingly common, to the tune of 79 percent of the world's population, according to World Atlas. The next most common eye color in the world is blue, which clocks in at percent, mostly present in European Cat Lafuente.
  • Gardajar says:
    Brown eyes appear brown due to the presence of a pigment known as melanin, the same pigment that causes skin to tan. Dark brown eyes have more melanin and lighter brown eyes have less. This pigment can protect the body from some types of cancers; research suggests that those with brown eyes are less likely to have melanoma cancer.
  • Disho says:
    Eye Color Meaning |
  • Faesida says:
    Brown eyes are associated with increased and decreased risks of certain eye issues. When people have brown eyes, they tend to be at a lower risk for macular degeneration, eye cancer, and diabetic retinopathy. While the reason why is unclear, it is believed that this is due to brown eyes having greater protection due to a higher level of melanin.
  • Yorisar says:
    Nov 21,  · Between 55 and 79 percent of people worldwide have brown eyes. Brown is the most common eye color. Dark brown eyes are most common in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Light brown eyes are.
  • Vuran says:
    "Artists gravitate toward a range of purples for brown eyes because they're complementary colors," says Bartlett. "This means that, when applied, the shade next to your eye color creates a strong contrast, allowing your eyes to really pop," she adds. Best Liquid: Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.
  • Arashilabar says:
    Apr 10,  · Brown eyes are the most common eye color found throughout the world, while blue, hazel, amber, green, and grey eyes are less common. Learn more about eye colors. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Eyes Alltime10s.

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