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  • Yozshushicage says:
    Fragments And Paintings by Kirill Junolainen, released 08 December 1. The Nebulous Spiral 2. Arctic Wind 3. Memories Of ISS 4. 61 Cygni 5. Echoing Beauty 6. In The Drop Of Space 7. In Gods Hands 8. Distant Awakening 9. The Space Between Us Thinking Float Dreams About Future Atomosphero The Sky Canvas Remembrance Runaway Time
  • Mazucage says:
    61 Cygni / ˈ s ɪ ɡ n i / is a binary star system in the constellation Cygnus, consisting of a pair of K-type dwarf stars that orbit each other in a period of about years. Of apparent magnitude and , respectively, they can be seen with binoculars in city skies or with the naked eye in rural areas without photopollution.. 61 Cygni first attracted the attention of astronomers when Constellation: Cygnus.
  • Faerisar says:
    61 Cygni, the first star to have its distance accurately measured, is in Cygnus, the swan, which is high in the east at nightfall. 61 Cygni is to the lower right of Deneb, the swan’s tail. Under dark skies, it’s just visible to the eye alone.
  • Shakatilar says:
    The primary star, 61 Cygni A is 30% less massive than the Sun, has a spectral classification of K5 displaying a strong deep yellow / orange. The companion star, 61 Cygni B is almost 11% less massive then the primary star at 63% the mass of the Sun, has a spectral classification of K7, displaying an almost identical deep orange with a touch of red.
  • Maurisar says:
    61 CYG (61 Cygni). Cygnus holds a seminal star, one not much appreciated within the classical figure that makes the celestial Swan and its famed asterism, the Northern Cross (the Swan tipped upside-down). Not only has it no proper name, it has no Greek letter name either, just a Flamsteed number, 61 anyone aware of the history of astronomy knows how important the star is, as it is.
  • Dizragore says:
    Aug 10,  · 61 Cygni is a long-settled, independent Inner Sphere system notable today for possessing a massively populated planet, Trip. It was once a business paradise for megacorps early in the First Federation, but is now a modest financial and media center while its major business activities have moved outward with the terragen frontier.
  • Zubar says:
    61 Cygni was a prime candidate for distance measurement due to its large proper motion. Italian Catholic priest, mathematician and astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi first measured this, in He studied the star over a period of 10 years and realised it was moving faster than any known star at that time. Christened the "Flying Star", Piazzi's.
  • Daikora says:
    Apr 26,  · CYGNI is on a mission to “Power a Billion Dreams” by venturing into new solar solutions based on Technology and Innovation. In News. 0. AGNII – Top technologies in prevention and support the COVID August 8, 0. Changing Lives- Solar DC inverterless solutions transform villages in .

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